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KGS - Craton Eats-00992.jpg
KGS - Craton Eats-00992.jpg

Pictures are for display purposes. Not all items on the pictures are included on the price and services below. Please inquire about specific items you may like from all pictures

Private Chef Labour Only

We understand that sometimes guests end up with a lot of costs when organising a getaway and therefore wish to keep the expenses minimal; choosing the labour only option for the chef ensures that you save money by buying and sourcing your own groceries and therefore controlling your spend while still enjoying the impeccable service of our private chefs. This offering is also available for guests who book us as a venue, even if they do not wish to book overnight accommodation.

What is Included?

What is Excluded?



  • Private Chef

  • Waiter (if more than 10 guests)

  • 3 meals per day with reasonable variations and 2 sets of snacks per day (menu discussed and agreed upon before check-in)

  • Custom menu (concluded before check-in)

  • Setup before meals

  • Clearing during and after meals

  • 1 set up by the river or koi pond during your stay

  • Tea & Coffee

  • Ingredients

  • Beverages

  • Chef and waiter knock off at 8 pm unless a special request is made before the time

Only for guests who book the Villa


You can choose any day you wish as long as it is not booked already


(Minimum 10 guests)

  • 10 guests - R2 200

  • 11 - 20 guests - R2 800

  • 21-30 guests - R3 400

  • 31-40 guests - R5 600

  • 41-50 guests - R6 200

  • 51-60 guests - R8 400

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